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How to Join our Weekly Percussion courses in our Rehearsal Room at Leipzig (two-hour workshop on Saturday afternoon)

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Remind the necessarity students of Mister Oulare regularly to attend the workshop and submit their weekly, monthly or quarterly fee: it will help to settle the rent and cost for the friendly rehearsal and workshop rooms that are, beside for rehearsals of the Musicians’ projects, not rented or used else!

You can freely register for an introductory free first course, join the weekly series of workshops that contain demonstration, explanation, common play and exchange, excersizes/etudes in refinement of the interpretation, play and usage of several West-African rhythms, techniques, skills, moods and tempers… — Please inform me, Alpha, in advance if you will miss a workshop as friend and student fellow, stay in contact!

We will meet weekly every Saturday afternoon from 3pm to 5 or 6pm Percussion Workshop = one unit for 20 € (Euros). You can Mr. Alpha Oulare either by phone, WhatsApp or contact by social-media Facebook, dials and addresses for found here). Please tell Mister Oulare if you want to join for a first cost-free introductory session, join in general, miss one event, pause, abandon in general, or, if you wish more information or, to debate questions.


Workshop location and address


Hupfeld Center

Ludwig-Hupfeld-Straße 16 C

Leipzig, Saxony D-04157


aoulare.art@gmail.com (incoming mail not instantly read)

0049 178 56 34 016 (connects to cellphone)

Whatsapp (to submit a message by protocol)



The Rehearsal and Workshop Room are located within the Ludwig Hupfeld Center at Leipzig, district Böhlitz-Ehrenberg, and can be reached so by fast S-Train or Tram (7) respective Bus connections. The room in atmosphere is bright, interesting friendly and clean. By S-Train the ride to this place shall take only few minutes:




[ G O O G L E : I N C. T R A N S L A T O R ]

ᎪᏁᎮᎻᎪ ᏅᏬᏞᎪᎡᎬ was born in Faranah from an original Mandingo family in Guinea Conakry and comes from the generation of the seventies. He started playing drum at the age of five. He describes himself: »I saw the Djembé in a dream after I had left a cultural place where I had met Ma Siré Camara. I was ten years old and I said to him that I love the music, then he told, come with me … I studied with him for five years and soon became a member of his ballet. Afterwards I joined the group Kounkouré Bamba. At first, I accompanied and later became a solo Djembé player … I then met Famoudou Konaté and Mamady Keïta. We also played with Faduba Oulare and his Ensemble in numerous traditional festivals all over Guinea.«

Peace shall be, the Djembé drum, West-Africa Guinea, Conakry, the World…



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Please take notice of Alpha Oulare’s social-media profile at Facebook for current information, updates and media submissions / Concert announcement Rootsmanding 12-9-2022, Leipzig

By help of the Facebook service you are enabled to open direct contact to Mister Djembéfola Alpha Oulare and his friends. You are welcome! Thank you for your kind consideration.

This his here official authorized website and blog AlphaOulare.art.blog is maintained still and will find further additions anyhow, do not worry about this!

All best wishes to you, your families and friends!


Postscriptum: Upcoming concert of the Rootsmanding ensemble with Sam Jarju (Kora and vocals), Alpha Oulare (Djembé, choir) and supposely Shaun Gracie (Dundunba) on Friday, December 9th, 2022 at the Reggae club KAYA in Leipzig, Wolfgang-Heinze-Straße, 04277 Leipzig-Connewitz:


Guinea Conakry & Leipzig



Mehr Informationen unter https://fb.com/alfa.ouare oder https://alphaoulare.art.blog:

Traditionelle Rhythmen der Malinké, Suso und Fula und mehr…

Wir möchten Euch ermutigen, dem wöchentlichen Unterricht beizutreten oder am dreitägigen Wochenend-Workshop am 6., 7. und 8. Januar 2023 (mit westafrikanischem Imbiss) teilzunehmen— es lohnt sich, für Anfänger*innen wie Fortgeschrittene und auch für Musiker*innen anderer Genres!

Dieses sind gegenwärtige Angebote des erfahrenen Künstlers und Musiklehrers:

· Wöchentlich Samstag Djembé-Kurs für Erwachsene und Jugendliche 16 bis 18 Uhr (https://alphaoulare.art.blog/percussion/)

· Sonntag Trommeln für Kinder 14 bis 15 Uhr (https://alphaoulare.art.blog/childrens-drumming/)

· Sonntag Afro-Dance-Workshop 16 bis 18 Uhr

· Dreitägiger Wochenend-Workshop 6.7.8. Januar 2023, jeweils nachmittags, gemeinsam mit Djembéfola Mister Shaun Gracie (https://alphaoulare.art.blog/3-d/)

· Musikalische Reise nach Guinea Conakry und auf die Insel Roume im Jahr 2023 (https://alphaoulare.art.blog/invitation-to-guinea/)


· Verkauf hochwertiger Musikinstrumente aus Guinea: Unikate hervorragenden Klanges und künstlerisch wertvoller Verarbeitung zu reellen Preisen (https://alphaoulare.art.blog/offer/)

· Stimmen und Warten von Trommeln und anderen Musikinstrumenten

· Weitergehende Beratung

· Entwicklungshilfe für Guinea Conakry (https://alphaoulare.art.blog/useful/)

Alle Kontaktdaten, Bild, Video, Ton und Text, weiterführende Anregungen auf Alpha Oulares Website-Blog https://alphaoulare.art.blog

Neuigkeiten, Konzertankündigungen, persönliches social-media-Netzwerk https://facebook.com/alfa.oualre

»Alpha Oulare ist einer der besten Trommler der neuen Generation aus Conakry, Guinea. Er arbeitete unter anderem mit Mamady Keita und Famoudou Konate, in der Formation ‹Le Ballet National de la Guinée›. In Berlin ist er als Solist in den Gruppen ›Konkoba‹, ‹La fôret sacrée› und ‹Sugé› bekannt geworden.« Seit mehreren Jahren lebt und arbeitet Alpha Oulare in Leipzig. Er hat bereits viele Musikerinnen und Musiker erfolgreich unterrichtet. Alpha Oulare ist auch Mitglied des westafrikanischen Ensemble Rootsmanding als Djembévirtuose und Sänger.

· Buchung als Ensemble, Solokünstler oder Workshoplehrer für Konzerte, Festivals, kulturelle Veranstaltungen (Bewerbung/.pdf https://alphaoulare.art.blog/international-application/)

›Die Djembé wird dich leiden lassen, aber sie kann dir den Weg zeigen, um Naturerkenntnis zu erlangen… Um die Djembé zu lernen, habe ich viel gelitten, aber heute danke ich GOTT, wegen der Djembé bin ich in Afrika und Europa bekannt.‹
›Djembé muss man immer spielen, um einen neuen Spirit zu bekommen.‹
›Wenn ich schlafe, ist die Djembé in meinen Träumen, das Djembé-Spielen liegt mir dann im Blut, ich werde bis an mein Lebensende weiterspielen.‹ (https://alphaoulare.art.blog/thoughts/)

Hört hinein und unterstützt den Künstler auch durch Kauf eines seiner Musikalben Alpha Oulare & Sug​é​: Alakhawonmaly​!​! DIEU sera avec nous​!​! GOD will help us​!​! (https://alphaoulare.bandcamp.com/)

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!


At Erfurt, end of October 2022 (short note)

Alpha Oulare, Diehi Tanguy Franck and Jalikebba Kuyateh, photo-recorded by Sam Jarju…. cf. reggaemanding.de and jalikebba.com or fb.com/alfa.oulare — at Erfurt, Thuringia, last weekend. Kind regards and all best wishes to the Y.I.L.P. International association‘s members at Erfurt!


PS Jalikebba‘s new official video repository at the Internet Archive preserving as backups almost all of his Google Inc. YouTube appearances, lean back to watch and listen to his Programme without interruptions by advertizement clips: archive.org/details/jkkrp — thanks for your interest and kind consideration!


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Short media reference to Les Ballets Africains (and Les Percussions de Guinée) // Alpha Oulare’s current Course offers October 2022 to January 2023

Again as Educational content here some media references that are connected with Alpha Oulare’s personal and collective biographies:

Les Ballets Africains at Google Inc. YouTube

(Google Inc. YouTube videos on Les Ballets Africans — leave this webpage to watch externally partial videos that cannot be embedded here! Many thanks to all contributors,)

Les Ballets Africains &  Les Percussions de Guinée

Video search on both terms at Google Inc. YouTube cf. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%22Les%20Percussions%20de%20Guinee%22+OR+%22Les%20Ballets%20Africains%22

Information from Wikipedia articles:

cf. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Les_Percussions_de_Guin%C3%A9e

cf. https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Les_Percussions_de_Guin%C3%A9e

cf. https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Les_Ballets_africains — merci! Many thanks to Mister Thierry Duprat for his recent inspiration on this via his social-media profile)…




Current course announcements, invitations and offers, October 2022 to January 2023

Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde, auch an Euch diese öffentliche dringende Anzeige / Bitte zeigt sie weiter:

RELEVANT wöchentlich sowie (Kartenvorverkauf jetzt, Teilnahme begrenzt!) schon im Januar oder (eine freie oder Ferien-Reise zu planen!) Frühjahr/Herbst 2023; ansonsten regelmäßige Konzerte & live-Events (auch Ensembles buchbar, siehe Kontaktdaten unten), seriöse Angebote 2022/2023 :: :: DJEMBÉ WESTAFRIKANISCHE TRADITIONELLE PERCUSSION, MUSIK DER MALINKÈ, SUSO UND FULA / NEUE EINFLÜSSE IM SPIEL UND FÜR KOMPOSITION UND AUFFÜHRUNG / INSPIRATION UND FORTBILDUNG — UNTERRICHT BEI MEISTERTROMMLER ALPHA OULARE (GUINEA CONAKRY / LEIPZIG) IN LEIPZIG 2022, 2023 UND DARÜBER HINAUS! BITTE LEST: …auch in deutscher Sprache und an Leipziger und überregionale Leserinnen und Leser nun alles bisher über Alpha Oulares Unterricht, seine Kurse, Workshops und musikalische Händlerangebote auf seiner Website Mitgeteilte: Falls möglich empfehlt auch als Information weiter! Die Percussion/Djembé-Kurse sind genreübergreifend interessant und wertvoll für andere Instrumentalistinnen und Instrumentalisten, Komponistinnen und Komponisten, Arrangeurinnen und Arrangeuren, musikalische Laien, Künstlerinnen und Künstlern an sich… * INHALT: 1) Euer dreitägiger Wochenendkurs = Seminar Djembé und Percussion incl. westafrikanischer Imbiß im Januar 2023 in Leipzig: preiswert (3 x 3½h+Pause+Imbiss) für 80€ (Kartenvorverkauf, Geschenkidee!) · 2) Kalender der laufenden Kurse in Leipzig · 3a) Djembé- und Percussion-Unterricht für Erwachsene und Jugendliche in Leipzig (wöchentlich samstags) · 3b) Professioneller und freundlicher Trommel-/Musik-Unterricht für Kinder in Leipzig (wöchentlich einstündig sonntags) · 4) Kurzer Dank und Hinweise (neuen Schülern im September 2022) · 5) Drei kurze Gedanken zu Djembé/Musik · 6) Hochwertige afrikanische Musikinstrumente aus Guinea zum Verkauf – in dieser Qualität und Fertigung hier nur über Alpha Oulare · 7) Einladung zur musikalischen Reise nach Guinea im Frühjahr oder Herbst 2023: Conakry, Isle of Roume, Workshops und mehr wie in früheren Jahren [ siehe https://alphaoulare.art.blog/kurse ]. * Diese Einladungen und Ankündigungen ergehen an Euch als sehr dringend! Neuer Kontakt wird angeboten… Vielen Dank für Eure Hilfe, Vermittlung, Euer wohlmeinendes Interesse und Eure langjährige tiefe Freundschaft und Sympathie!

( Kontakt zum Künstler und Lehrer: hier Facebook/-Messenger fb.com/alfa.oulare / Telefon und WhatsApp-Messenger tagsüber, vorzugsweise Nachmittag bis früher Abend tel:01785634016 (w-afr., dt., en., esp., frz., it., pt., u. a. Sprachen mehr) / E-Mail mailto:aoulare.art@gmail.com — alle Kontaktdaten und weitere Auskünfte, auch Klänge und Bilder, Anregungen und Hintergründe auf seiner Website https://alphaoulare.art.blog. )

‹ Quand je dors, le Djembé est dans mes rêves, le Djembé est alors dans mon sang, je continuerai à jouer jusqu’à la fin de ma vie. › (A. Ou.)

social-media Facebook.com/Alfa.Oulare


List of West-African reference albums of Traditional Percussion Music

The following LIST represents no discography, but refers to a short article posted here yet weeks ago, then it remained to be still incomplete; it took some time but actually no efforts until we added —for this occasion— a searchable list on the artist and album names with links to the Google Inc. YouTube and Discography portal search engines — maybe helpful to discover new or known musical tracks… A FURTHER LEGAL EDUCATIONAL RESSOURCE FOR FRIENDS OF AFRICAN MUSIC:


Africa Djole: Live 1978   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Ballet Warraba: Bonya   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Fode S. Bangoura: Fakoly   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

M’Bemba Bangoura: Fandji   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

M’Bemba Bangoura: Wali   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

M’Bemba Bangoura: Wofabe   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Mohamed Bangoura: Percussions et chants Baga   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Serge Blanc: Le tambour djembe   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Seckou Cobra Camara: Djembe Tigui   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Soungalo Coulibaly: L’art du djembe   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Yelemba D’Abidjan: Hommage   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Abdouli Diakite & Mamadou Sidibe: Jebebara   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Abdouli Diakite: Tambacounda Dunun ni Don   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Sidiki Diallo: Kayleen Ci Jamma Gi   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Thione Diop: Kham Saa Thiosanne   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Adama Drame: Great Masters of Percussion   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Ensemble Fa Kiyen Yiriwa: Djembe and African Drums   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Mamady N’Toman Feita: Sakoudougou   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Fore Fote: Wombere   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Jam Ak Jam: N’Dadje   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Mamadou Kante: Les Tambours du Mali   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Mamady Keita: A Giate   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Mamady Keita: Afö   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Mamady Keita: Balandugu Kan. CD 2   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Mamady Keita: Mandeng Djara   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Mamady Keita: Mogobalu. CD 1   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Mamady Keita: Nankama   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Mamady Keita: Sila Laka   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Mamady Keita: Wassolon   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Famoudou Konate: Guinee—Percussions et chants Malinke   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Famoudou Konate: Guinee—Percussions et chants Malinke. Vol. 2   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Famoudou Konate: Hamana Folikan   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Famoudou Konate: Hamana Mandenkono   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Famoudou Konate: Rhythmen der Malinke   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Famoudou Konate: Rhythms and songs From Guinea   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Kumbagna Konde: Kumbagna Konde   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Magbana: Magbana   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Les Mervelles D’Afrique: Diya   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Alpha Oulare: Alakhawonmaly   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Fadouba Oulare: Come drum   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Les Percussions de Guine: Volumen I   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

SAF: Alliance   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Mangue Sylla: Kon koura   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Fara Tolno: Binye   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Fara Tolna, Fode Bangoura: Farabakan   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Baba Toure: Daakan   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Seny Toure: Dunuya Mukolonma   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Wulabakan: Collection Bakine, Malinke Percussion   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

Zulu: Zulu   (search @ Google Inc. YouTube A, B || Discographies)

// Many thanks to www.danza-africana.com

// and kikoangomadanzaymusica.blogspot.com

// for the references to these musical albums from West Africa,

// here extracted for your further recherches…

// Please study the original electronic ressource in detail.


Postscriptum / reminder:  Please do not forget Alpha Oulare’s Percussion Course dates and announcements, invitations and mercatory offers. These are crucial.


At very friendly Price / ACTION: 3-Day Djembé-Workshop at Leipzig, in January 6th/7th/8th (Fri.–Sat.–Sun.), 2023: tickets for 80€ in complete (pre-order & survey here) // sounds // (+outlook: Africa Festivals in Federal Germany, to take place in 2023)

Please fw-forward to your friends and musical colleagues!


Vorankündigung und Einladung für den 6., 7. und 8. Januar 2023:

mit Herrn Meistertrommler Alpha Oulare (Leipzig / Guinea Conakry) am 6., 7. und 8. Januar 2023 (3-tägiges Wochenende, Kartenvorverkauf):

Begleitet werden wird Djembéfola Alpha Oulare durch Djembéfola Mister Shaun Gracie (Doundoun-Basstrommeln und anderes mehr).

Inhalt des Workshops (von Freitag bis Sonntag) sind Traditionelle Rhythmen der Malinke, Susu und Fula — unser Kurs richtet sich an alle interessierten Percussionistinnen und Percussionisten (fortgeschritten / neugierig / Anfängerin oder Anfänger), genreübergreifend wird er auch für andere Instrumentalistinnen / Instrumentalisten wie Musikerinnen/Musiker an sich, Komponistinnen / Komponisten informativ, lehrreich, überaus anregend und nutzbringend (!) sein. (Am Abschlusstag sollen gemeinsam zuvor erarbeitete mehrstimmige und mehrteilige neue Kompositionen erstmals erklingen.)

Ort des Workshops ist der freundlich und helle Proberaum im Hupfeld-Center, Ludwig-Hupfeld-Straße 16.

An jedem der Tage erwartet Euch ein westafrikanisches Büffet.

Kartenvorverkauf bis Weihnachten 2022. Der Vorverkaufspreis für den 3-tägigen* Djembé-Workshop von 80 (achtzig (!)) €/Euro für 3 (drei) mal 3 1/2 Stunden Unterricht inclusive Pause und westafrikanischem Imbiss ist günstig und angemessen an der üblichen Kursgebühr bei Herrn Musiklehrer Alpha Oulare — weitere Auskunft und Kartenvorbestellung:

Telefon (tagsüber, auch für WhatsApp): 0178 56 34 016,

social-media Facebook (Nachricht/Anruf): fb.com/alpha.oulare

und (diese) Website alphaoulare.art.blog.


As advertizement for the referenced artists and as orientation for all interested persons we allow ourselves to embed here the musical album Rhythms of the Malinke by Famoudou Konaté (1990):

* * *
* *

Finally Rail Band (Mory Kante & Salif Keita): Soundiata (197X)


Postscriptum: Find hopefully a(nother) helpful list of federal-german Africa Festivals for 2023 w/ contact addresses for the application of musical artists, ensembles and bands HERE — this list should be maintained and updated in future among the other 1000 Drums Africa Festival web-blog pages and posts…


pps Read the Merriam-Webster online-dictionary (an Encyclopedia Britannica company) on the term “Workshop” here


Very final Postscriptum:
The correctly-spelled Institute name for Mister Alpha Oulare’s Musical school is to be and shall be, remain as: (Le) SUNJATA INSTITUTE (FAMILLE) DJEMBÉFOLA OULARE. Please keep in mind!


Thomas Ott’s biographical project Famoudou Konaté


(Prefaced: We allow ourselves, thankfully for this, the following literary reference and important recommendation, citing from another website.)

Famoudou Konaté, born in Sangbaralla/Guinea (West Africa) in 1940, is one of the most important exponents of Malinké music culture. He spent his youth as a village drummer and field worker in his birthplace. In the early 1960s, after the country gained independence, he became Ballets Africains de la République de Guinée, with whom he toured the world for 25 years. In 1986 he became self-employed and since then has dedicated himself to teaching and giving concerts. He also reconstructed the music as he knew it in his youth and saved it in a number of CD productions. 

From 1997 he wrote notes on his biography, culture and music for a decade and a half, which he finally gave to Thomas Ott to make a book out of. In the end there were 700 notes to be sorted, edited and translated (from French). 

The book was published in April 2021:

Famoudou Konaté: Mein Leben – meine Djembe – meine Kultur: Aufzeichnungen eines afrikanischen Musikers [My Life — My Djembe — My Culture: Notes by an African Musician]. Edited by Thomas Ott. [Translated from the French language.] Mainz: Schott Music 2021. [With illustrations and maps.] 285 pp. [Available in hardcover, paperback and as e-book.]

The editor and author Thomas Ott is a retired professor and doctor at the Institute for Music Education at from the Faculty of Human Sciences at the University of Cologne.


Read more…: Thomas Ott’s biographical project Famoudou Konaté


Table of contents of the work (here translated into English)

Thomas Ott: Foreword. How this book came into being [at page] 15 


My family 26 (My grandfather Kèkörö Konaté settles in Sangbaralla and shows great courage / The story of my parents / Memories of my mother Koriaba Fodé Konaté / My father Diouba Fodé Konaté: landowner, hunter, féticheur)

My beginnings as a drummer, childhood memories 29 (Early attempts / The djembe in my family / A “noble” cannot actually become a drummer / Songs of praise from the girls / Drumming and dancing against hunger / I help an old lady across the river / In the fields and meadows / The death of my father / History of a special rhythm: sofa / The heir: My eldest brother Malon Kèkörö Konaté)

Memories of Colonial Rule 42 (A locomotive sets fire to Kouroussa / The story of Balaké and Söna (Fodéba Keïta: “Minuit”) / The commander in the sedan chair / Forced labour / Forbidden guinea fowl hunting / Delivering rubber / A trial of my family before the colonial district court / A traumatised veteran / The colonial legacy)

My path to the Ballets Africains de Guinée 49 (My first big trip: to my brother in Upper Volta. Independence comes / I become a member of the regional ensemble in Kouroussa / I am discovered for the Ballets Africains / High demands on the ensemble members)

My travels with the Ballets 52 (Fascinating new worlds / Mysterious and frightening: flying)

First trips to Europe 54 (Berlin: shots at the wall / acclaimed performances in Paris / French lessons / London: meeting the Beatles / Prague, Budapest, Zurich: we encounter fascination and fear)

Travels to other African countries 60 (The beginning / In Mozambique with Miriam Makeba / Zambia: Elephant teeth for Sékou Touré / With Mobutu in Zaire and a near miss / Morocco: Princely reception by the king / Tunisia: A different Islam)

Travelling to South America 64 (Chile: We narrowly survive an earthquake / Cuba: At the 1978 World Youth Festival / Countering suspicions of espionage by singing the national anthem / Terrible turbulence in Bolivia)

Working conditions in the Ballets 66 (List of countries visited / The directors of the ballets / Catastrophic conditions in the first years / Protest in the night and cold / Poor pay, hunger, malnutrition / Redemption: We become civil servants)

A permanent problem: The eternal sexual emergency 71 (Strict ban on contact with the opposite sex / How I hid my girlfriend Nankany in the closet / President Sékou Touré and the pregnant dancer / Chercher la femme / Do African men have two genitals?)

My farewell to the Ballets Africains 74 (Small punitive measures / Growing discontent / The change of power in 1984 and the great turning point / First students from Europe / The white devils play the djembe! / Rainer Dörrer and Johannes Beer / Journey to my mother’s deathbed / Return to Conakry: a test for my German friends / There is a crisis in the Ballets / My journey to Germany in 1987 / Return and the final break with the Ballets)

A new phase in my life (The new life begins travelling with Silvia and Paul, my first CD “Rhythms of the Malinké”, my group Hamana Diara / A new task: documenting my musical culture / The Gambia and Berlin — I become a professor / Concert at the Musikethnologisches Museum in Berlin, September 2000 / Concerts in Conakry 1999 and 2003 / Trip to Israel 2001)

Particularly important friends and colleagues 87 (Silvia Kronewald / Rainer Dörrer / Gabi Happe / Noumoudy Keïta / Mamady Keïta)


The Social Order in the Village 91 (The village chiefs: duuti and sotiikèmöö / Nobility, craftsmen, hunters / Griots and griots / The griots / Famous griots of the Republic of Guinea / The age groups (generations))

The festivals 106 (Significance of the festivals in social life / Sunkaro sali: the end of Ramadan / Tabaski: the festival of the sheep / Gbalan la: the millet harvest / Bara dösa: the rice harvest / Dala mön: fishing in the lake)

The masks 110 (Saints and other masks / The koma mask / The “magic” masks soliwoulén, kawa and wôlô / The social masks of the fourth generation: kondén and balanin, the mask turanin gbanan / The mask gnô kônôgbin wôlô / The mask tasaba)

Sexuality and marriage 119 (The myth of the two kingdoms / A childhood memory: visiting girls from neighbouring villages — ka a labö / Hooking up at the rhythm diaa / Sharing the bed, but no sex: child “marriages” as abstinence training / Mutual flogging for premarital pregnancy / Marriage preparations and wedding / What happens on the wedding night is nobody’s business! / The Imam gets the wife as a gift / Until the wedding, the girls are not allowed to cook / Marriage under duress / Forced marriage lives on / Marriage against the resistance of the family / The husband is to be respected like God / Respect of the children for their mothers / A permanent problem: polygamy / Neglect and bad treatment by the husband / The martyrdom of childless women / Divorce is (almost) impossible / When the husband dies … / Girls into school! / Lesbian women in the pillory)

Religion, animism, sorcerers and féticheurs 137 (What my brother Malon Sory told me about Islam / The blacksmiths prevail against the Muslims and sacrifice to the tree demon / Sacrifices and their meaning / The magic means (gris-gris) / Gris-gris are essential for survival at the gbara ceremony / Magic at a meeting of the hunters / The annual festival of the hunters / Soro, my father’s demon / My grandfather’s demon, kömö kudu nin, who loved snuff / Animal oracles of movement / My brother, Malon Kèkörö, snatches a piece of land from evil spirits / The Monday night boa / The lenké spirits help a functionary gain popularity / The féticheurs’ fight against witchcraft / Three stories of witchcraft / Good and evil féticheurs / The féticheur Frigan Douka loses his magic bells / The colonialists did not believe in witchcraft)

Customs, then and now 153 (Field work / Field work of the baratii and “field robbery” (sènè sunya) / Circumcision / Against circumcision, especially of the girls / Circumcision rituals / The tön ta game / Against corporal punishment of the children / Respect of the children towards their elders / Words of honour and written contracts / Hospitality and mutual help / Greeting rituals / Farewell songs / Honourable mention of the surname / Fear of solar and lunar eclipses / The poisoning of the river Djoliba / How the family learns of the death of an absent person / Suicide is frowned upon / Sacrifices for the dead)


Functions of music – individual and social 169 (Music holds the community together / It is anchored in nature / It is a remedy / It helps people with disabilities / Prohibition of music in Islam: why? / How I oonce changed the mind of a Maninka Mori who was hostile to music / Does the Koran prohibit music?)

The musical instruments 173 (General / Who plays which instrument / Instruments of the griots (Jeli) / Instruments of the girls and women / Instruments of the children / An instrument of the hunters / An instrument of the féticheurs / An instrument of the warriors / The message drum kunan / The flutes tanbifule and böfule / The horns kerebudu and sulabudu / Dankaranfule, the devil’s flute / My recordings with some of the instruments)

The Djembe 192 (How the djembe was invented / How people used to get a new djembe / The different kinds of wood / The different shapes of the djembe / The ears (sèèsè) / Different skins for the djembe / The construction of the djembe — in the past and today)

Playing the djembe 199 (Playing on the Djembe / Other sounds I play / The position of the fingers to avoid pain / Blood in the urine after long drumming / Interaction of the arms / Playing sitting and standing / Four positions when playing standing / The straps)

The bass drums 204 (Origin and construction / The drumsticks / The arm movements while playing)

The rhythms 206 (What “rhythms” are and where they come from / The three basic rhythmic types / A special dunun: dunungbè / How strong men dance / Söma Sandyi versus Fabu Condé / A special rhythm: mendianèn)

The musical arrangement in the interplay 214 (The division of labour between the instruments / The instruments do not “play”, they speak / The instruments talk to each other / The common melody of bass drums and djembe / Do the bells also play a melody? / The introductions / The bloquages (“appels”) / The solos / Improvising / The Èchauffements and the relationship between solo drum, dance and song / The roulements)

The djembeföla 220 (What does “djembefola” mean / Low esteem for drummers among the villagers, patience as a virtue / With gris-gris against the competition / An alleged jealousy conflict between Mamady Keïta and me / The djembeföla and women / Drumming tricks to punish adversaries and break the resistance of the beloved / Memories of impressive colleagues / Jack-of-all-trades and specialists / The new generation / But where are the female drummers?)

Some serious advice to young djembe players 230 (Ask questions / Don’t stretch your drums too high / Play slowly. And not so loud / Remember: to make music you need a calm and rested mind / Get to know your culture / Be careful with the rhythms)


Tradition, notation, learning, teaching 237 (Who invented our music? / Keeping African music / Working without a work plan / Learning by writing down and learning with the mind and body / School is important, also for later artists / Learning and teaching without pedagogy / Problems with teaching solos)

Whites and our music 241 (Music knows neither colours nor “races” / Melody in music is universal / Questions in the workshops / Studied musicians from Europe have more problems with our music than amateurs / European audiences understand our music much better today than 50 years ago / The colonisers were not interested in our culture / The djembe connects cultures / Do Africans have music in their blood?)

How Africans and whites deal with African culture 244 (Africans are careless with their cultural treasures / What is the kondén mask doing in Detroit? / Sound and film recordings, books — who got the money? / A counterexample / An unexpected windfall for drummer Soungalo Coulibaly / Bad experiences in the USA / A relief action for my home village / African musicians into the examining boards! / Concerts with African music are too loud)

Tradition and modernity in Africa 251 (Tradition and modernity — a mixed record / Why is Africa so backward? / Traditional and modern medicine / Death of an English tourist / Two ladies from Germany are horrified by Africa / Humiliation because of traditional dress / The griots only sing songs of praise / Can one live from playing the djembe? / I was born an African, but …)

Living conditions and ecology, then and now 258 (Children sing songs against deforestation / Plastic waste / Water is becoming scarce / Gorilla story / Elephant story e: The hunter Senba Faa Mamady Kourouma / Porcupine story: The hunter Bala Faa Sory Doumbouya / True story of a hippopotamus / The story of the little girl and the hippopotamus)  


List of important rhythms, with references to their mention in the text 263 

Famoudou Konaté’s own compositions and arrangements (*) 270 


Explanations of names and terms that occur frequently in the text 275 (Guinee / Hamana, Sangbaralla / Mali Empire, Soundiata Keïta / Almami Samory Touré (1830–1900) / Ahmed Sékou Touré (1922–1986) / Les Ballets Africains de la République de Guinée)


Famoudou Konaté’s CDs 282 


Literature and internet resources 283 


(Sources: https://thomasottpages.de/biografieprojekt-famoudou-konate/ and https://thomasottpages.de/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Table-of-contents-en.pdf  retrieved from the Internet on October 7, 2022.)


International Application for Festival and Concert participation

[To the organizers of international music festivals and concerts, this unsolicited application from]

Djembéfola Alpha Oulare et al. Ensemble (concert + percussion workshops)

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

on behalf of Mr. Alpha Oulare, Djembéfola born 1970 in Guinea Conakry (trained in the national ballet and by important artists of this country) resident in Leipzig, since the 1990-s member of several ensembles for traditional West African music such as La Fôret sacrée, Konkobá, Sugé, Rootsmanding (the latter was founded by Mister Sam Jarju; any of these ensembles can be engaged by Mr. Oulare for a concert tour to your venue), music teacher for Djembé and other African percussion instruments, traditional rhythms of the Malinke, Suso and Fula (lessons for adults as well as children and young people) as well as West African dance, as well as dealer for musical instruments from Guinea and music supplies, I ask you kindly for information about:

  • the date of your upcoming festival, when it is announced we eagerly await,
  • as well as possibilities and conditions for Mr. Alpha Oulare to be able to participate in the musical programme:
    a) with one of his ensembles, or
    b) as a workshop leader or as an individual artist.

These are the contact details for Mister Oulare in Leipzig: 

We would be happy to send you detailed artist information in text, image and sound/video samples electronically by e-mail or by post to an address that you can provide for your examination and later possible advance notice in the event program – please let us know your requirements directly!

With thanks for your reply and best wishes for you, your families, friends, acquaintances

Leipzig  Alpha Oulare

[Automatic translation from German using Google Inc. Translator]

— Attachment: printable .pdf version, 10-18-2022 —

«Le Djembé, il va te faire souffrir, mais il peut te donner la voie de mieux connaître la nature…»
«Apprendre le Djembé m’a fait souffrir beaucoup, mais aujourd’hui je remercie Dieu, parce que c’est par le Djembé que je suis devenu connu en Afrique et en Europe.»
«Il faut jouer au Djembé tous les jours pour avoir un nouvel esprit.»

«Quand je dors, le Djembé est dans mes rêves, dans mon sang, je ne peux pas y renoncer jusquà la fin de ma vie.» (A.O.)


First claim of the motif /MEERKATS° PLAYING DJEMBÉ DRUM(S)/ as copy-right for Mister Alpha Oulare (protected design pattern / Gestaltungsmuster) — all Rights are Reserved (against theft of intellectual properties)*

This graphical idea and design pattern: Meerkats playing the Djembé drum is at first intellectual property of Mister Alpha Oulare and had been first published on August 22th, 2022, at this here private website alphaoulare.art.blog his as small so-called head banner image file. Mister Oulare himself had yet then been intended to publish for instance children’s t-shirts or other graphical and textile or paper/synthetical prints with this. His intellectual properties are protected against theft, abuse (as supposely attempted by local or distant stalkers, thoughtless to brainless plagiators… white/german greed will reach out even for this item, without justification — Thou shall not covet! …Black Juju and curse them: cardinal sinners!). The website version of August 22th, 2022, also had been back-upped at the U.S. Internet Archive by help of its WayBack Machine we are very thankful for! Before this concrete: operations under protocol creating the graphical motives which had not existed before in this form and combination are evident (see below) as usage of the free Internet web service Crayon AI just several hours before, on August, 21st, 2022. (This as short explanation and Warning: german white racists will not steal and expropriate the African artist in colonial behavior and blasphemical hubris — they cannot even declare themselves to this address: aoulare.art@gmail.com or in direct speech). (Postscriptum: Totally ridiculous: No “Fairies” exist, so to claim here either, send these female psychopaths and witches into Bedlam!)

Only fools (repeat to warn) and sodomites, thieves intend to steal here.

Above a so-called screenshot/hardcopy of the processing computer device used for generation/download and graphical editing, final upload to the Website (showing the Microsoft Windows file system surface).

Neither, that for instance the Microsoft Bing and Google Inc. Internet search provided similar design samples / graphical files of different, older origin.

These evidences should be enough to save and protect the motif “Meerkats playing Djembé drum(s)” for Mister Alpha Oulare and his family.

Conception as sequence of generated motives (8-21-2022):

Finally a helpful reference to the international World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO: here.


° German vulgar zoological term in translation: Erdmännchen (species in Latin: Suricata suricatta). These terms are included too.

* This article is externally stored here, at the Internet Archive, under the addresses: http://web.archive.org/web/20221005020024/https://alphaoulare.art.blog/2022/10/05/first-claim-of-the-motif-meerkats-playing-djembe-drums-as-copy-right-for-mister-alpha-oulare-protected-design-pattern-gestaltungsmuster-all-rights-are-reserved-against-theft-of-inte/ (and more, updates to follow).

(† Statements of concrete warning against thieves of intellectual properties and criminal violators of Civil and Human Rights, Prisoner rights are included in this hypertext document, had to: in concrete need. Keywords: Gang and video stalking, cyber/electronic harassment, war and pogrom crime, rogue media corporations, rogue state, german collective ritual murder, white cannibalism, expropriation of citizens, enslavement of man.)


(Short note on) Recent concerts with the Rootsmandig ensemble and Jalikebba in September / early October 2022

This, in short, is to state, that Alpha Oulare together with the Ensemble Rootsmanding (in core still: Sam Jarju, Diehi Tanguy Franck and A. Ou.) attended several concerts at Hanover, Erfurt/Thuringia and Leipzig, one additional with Jalikebba Kuyateh at Torgau/Saxony during the before days and weeks. (We cannot represent here photographs nor flyers/footage from these public events, though.) … To get notice of all coming performances of Rootsmanding in world you always should consult Sam Jarju’s homepage at reggaemanding.de or his (alike Alpha Oulare’s himself) social-media Facebook profile; to find news on Jalikebba you may consult his homepage for news, his social-media profile (linked ibid.) or this new video repository his at the interesting Internet Archive.

Flyer motif for the Rootsmanding concert during
an African festivity at the Leipzig Pavillon of Hope
on October 1st, 2022. — Many thanks to Mister Sam Jarju!


An ultra-short cellphone video from the Rehearsal room here as the only last finding… (thanks to 2Fett Records, friends of the artists).


Current Course Dates (Djembé and Afro-Dance) and Announcements // Contact form to make an appointment for Course Attendance or other Meeting // Contact by Phone

Still under construction. Here an orientation on weekly courses and on concert, festival and other dates (entries that might become added, changed or deleted):

Read also the announcements for the January-2023 three-day-workshop (80€ fee for all three days incl. each West African snack/food), children’s percussion courses (10€ fee per one-hour-lesson), weekly percussion courses (20€ fee° per two-hour-lesson) in general (with information on the location), offers of musical instruments (appointments can be made to visit and test-play these instruments from Guinea individually at place, so for help missions in tuning and repairing instruments — ask on the costs), finally the announcement for the 2023 Study Travel to Guinea Conakry / Isle of Roume — many thanks also if/for forwarding information about these offers to your friends and musical colleagues!

(° Note: a first introductory lesson shall be free for first-time students.)


Send a Message to Mister Alpha Oulare in these issues? Ask your questions or make an appointment by e-mail:

You may also phone-call Mister Oulare by phone at regular daytime or contact him by help of the Facebook and WhatsApp messengers.


Children’s drumming lessons: Djembé weekly on Sunday afternoon (Trommelunterricht für Kinder in Leipzig) — Educational and salutary ressources for Kids / Activities

Übersetzen ins Deutsche?  These friendly and useful children’s lessons are held successfully yet for many years, beside the main elder drumming courses and African dance workshops:

Event organized by Alpha Oulare
Sundays 3–4 p.m.
Ludwig-Hupfeld-Straße 16, 04178 Leipzig, Germany
Running time: 1 hour
Every Sunday afternoon drumming lessons for children led by master drummer Alpha Oulare.
Registration & further information: Telephone Alpha Oulares 0178-5634016 (also WhatsApp)

At the age of five he learned to play the drums in the national ballet in Guinea, and later he became one of the best percussionists in his country. Since 1998 he has enriched the Afro music scene in Germany. He worked as a musician and teacher in Berlin, Stuttgart and since 2016 also in Leipzig. Alpha Oulare is married husband and has several own children.

(Hear sounds from the album »Alakhawonmaly!! DIEU sera avec nous!! GOD will help us« by Alpha Oulare & Sugé — to be found here)

Form of teaching:

  • in the group
  • instruments of different sizes can be provided for the lesson depending on the age of the child, or you can bring your own drum
  • together with the children, the first rhythms are worked out step by step and practiced in the group
  • the children are treated with great sensitivity and the individual learning process is accompanied
  • different levels and previous experiences are included and promoted in the lessons
  • one-to-one lessons are of course also possible by prior arrangement, or sharing the group depending on the number of participants
  • other course dates and times on request
  • the lessons take place taking into account the current health situation

Venue: Hupfeldcenter, Ludwig-Hupfeld-Straße 16, 04178 Leipzig: Meeting point in the courtyard, staircase C — we go to the room together.


Pour les enfants — hear also some West-African children’s songs, animation for young persons: Comptines d’Afrique

[These are Nursery Rhymes from Africa: »Welcome to the number-one YouTube channel of animated African nursery rhymes — Chain that connects and transmits — Welcoming channel where we play, cook, dance, sing, clap our hands and invent the future — Channel that puts its values into practice, benevolence, empathy, education — Welcome to COMPTINES D’AFRIQUE, African children’s songs channel — Best way for our children to become world citizens« (ibid.)]
(Click on the above images (screenshot) to find more videos of different length and theme. — Listeners and viewers of any age and early readers might learn the French language and African languages by this too. The music appears to be very tasteful. But be careful about television and new media in general, regarding the child’s mental health and natural learning, abilities!)


Die Rechte des Kindes :
(UNICEF Convention on the Rights of the Child, version for children translated into german language)

Might the future of our children be peaceful and safe, this our pious wish and mission!


Finally, for the parents another more general advertizement by Mister Oulare, as friendly reminder:


Alpha Oulare & Rootsmanding will perform at the 20th Alafia Africa Festival Hamburg on August 27th, 2022 — 2020 A/Ou portrait photograph

»The Hamburg Africa Festival is celebrating an anniversary: 20 years of Alafia — Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Bon Anniversaire!!!«

Participation / Contribution:

[Roots Manding drumming, dancing, acrobatics and singing group (click into for the original but very dark flyer motif at Mr. Sam Jarju’s Facebook profile that is good to know).]

»Rootsmanding Band
Samstag, 27. August 2022, 16.00 Uhr
Guinea etc., traditionelle Rhythmen aus Westafrika

[more info:]
Die Musiker der Rootsmandig Band stammen aus verschiedenen Ländern Westafrikas (Guinea-Conakry, Gambia, Elfenbeinküste u.a.) und bringen die traditionelle Kunst Westafrikas auf die Alafia-Bühne. Sie mischen traditionelle Percussionsrhythmen mit den Melodien der Kora, die im Zentrum ihrer Musik steht. Logisch: keine traditionelle Musik ohne Tanz. Doundoun und Djembe legen einen tollen Rhythmusteppich, zu dem neben dem Chorgesang die Klänge der Kora herrlich kontrastieren. Großes Kino.« (Festival homepagetranslation)

The Hamburg Africa festival’s finally announced musical program:

Friday, August 26th, 2022:

4:00pm Ouverture

4:30pm Simba Ci, Zimbabwe (Singer/Songwriter) — cf. official YouTube channel

5:00pm IYASA, Zimbabwe (Dance theater, children’s cultural caravan) — cf. official YouTube channel

6:00pm Nana Yeboah’s Highlife Express, Ghana (Highlife) — cf. YouTube channel of the artist

8:00pm Abdou Day, Madagascar (Reggae) — cf. official YouTube channel

Saturday, August 27th, 2022:

12:00am Manifestation

1:00pm Simba CI (second performance)

2:00pm Abdou Day (second performance)

3:30pm IYASA (second performance)

4:00pm Rootsmanding [PS 12-29-2022: click here for video excerpt!], Guinea etc. (traditional Rhythms from West-Africa) — here they are!

6:00pm Papito Chango’s Pi a Pa, Cuba (Music of the Santeria) — cf. official YouTube channel

8:00pm Les Quatro des Bakotessa, Kongo (Soukouss etc.) — cf. YouTube search results

Sunday, August 28th, 2022:

2:00pm Abdelhafid Catruat Band, Marokko etc. (Music from North-Africa) — cf. YouTube search results

4:00pm Rama N’Goni, Burkina Faso (Songs & Rhythms from Burkina Faso) — cf. official YouTube channel

6:00pm Habyba & Band, Ghana (New Pop from Ghana) — cf. official YouTube channel


HOPEFULLY no mishappings will occur and all logistics and transportation to and from Hamburg be fine!


Year 2020 or earlier photograph of Alpha Oulare (from a series)

FOUND BY OCCASION IN THE INTERNET: »Djembe Kurse in Kreuzberg. Trommelunterricht: Seit Jahren unterrichte ich Interessierte in der Kunst, die Djembe zu spielen, und traditionelle westafrikanische Rhythmen. Ich beherrsche Instrumente wie Djembe, Balafon, Doundoun, Gongoma, Sangbar, Kenkeni und Maracas. Meine Kurse finden fortlaufend jeden Mittwoch in Kreuzberg statt. Weiteres erfahren Sie beim ersten Kontakt. Ich freue mich auf Ihr Kommen! Ich biete an: – Trommelunterricht Privatunterricht oder in der Gruppe – Anfänger bis Fortgeschrittene – repariere auch Trommeln – verkaufe Trommeln und Felle« (Musik-Anzeigen.com, 2020 (archived) — translation). The advertizement should meanwhile (still applicable!) relate though to Mr. Oulare’s family’s hometown Leipzig.


As helpful external ressource: Kikoangoma – Danza y Musica Africana [African Dance and Music, 2009/2010]: Ritmos Africanicos [African Rhythms] — further thematic Blogs to be found / WordPress CMS — finally: Mamady Keïta teaches Traditional Djembé (200X, video tutorials meanwhile as public ressource)

Of course more* electronic or printed/scanned texts can be found than this one (by Kikoangoma — Danza y Musica Africana), mentioning Alpha Oulare & Sugé’s debut album as musical reference for Guinean traditional Dances and Rhythms preserved; this ressource has been found by occasion recently… [Please click (what a word!) on the before currently red-colour hyperlinks!]

Technical issue: Using the Google Inc. Internet search

Postscriptum: * common sense (to some), that you also may try the Google Inc. Internet search to find similar Blog systems that provide information, here about West-African Percussion (click link!) — Many thanks to all contributors, all good wishes to them… (We feel links like these might be helpful to Internet readers/surfers, by this creating structures more toward a true Hypertext in global result).

(Another click above to find more images and their sources)

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(Pardon us…)


As final contemplation watch / listen to Mamady Keïta (1950–2021): Rhythmes Traditionels di Mandingue (Traditional Mandinke Rhythms) (Beginner—Intermediate—Advanced) (200X)

We will often return to this authority, for he was one of Alpha Oulare’s important teachers and it appears to be both necessary and helpful to understand these influences of Alpha’s own music and musical teaching theory and practice.

{Mamady Keïta teaches Traditional Djembe Beginner Level. This video demonstration having been made »available to the general public so everyone searching to learn djembe from a true djembe master can have access to it. For more information about learning traditional djembe and dunun please visit [Mamady Keïta’s former] school’s website www.ttmda.com [Tam Tam Mandingue Djembé Academy]« (Mamady Keïta’s and heirs’ Google Inc. YouTube channel). May he rest in peace / may he not become forgotten! The tutorial contains these rhythms: Fankani (at 11’10”), Djabgbe (19’10”), Soli-rapide (26’50”), Kuku (33’25”), Mendiani (39’50”), Djaa (44’45”) and Moribayassa (at 50’30” — many thanks so to Alejandro S. for providing this first tracklist).} — You may try to download this video’s subtitles in several languages here.
[Mamady Keïta teaches Traditional Djembe Intermediate Level (same source: Mamady Keïta’s and his heirs’ official Google Inc. YouTube channel). Content: Background on the djembe, Greeting (at 3’11”), The instruments (4’26”); Kassa (5’30”): Dununs (5’58”), Djembé 1 and 2 (8’02”), Kassa ensemble (9’32”); Senefoli (11’50”): Dununs (12’19”), Djembé 1 and 2 (15’30”), Senefoli ensemble (16’27”); Sofa (18’35”): Dununs (19’10”), Djembé 1 and 2 (20’52”), Sofa ensemble (21’58”); Denadon (24’10”): Dununs (24’36”), Djembé 1 and 2 (26’09”), Denadon ensemble (27’04”); Djansa et solo (30’30”): Dununs (31’02”), Djembé 1 and 2 (33’08”), solo original (34’15”), Djansa ensemble (36’17”), Djansa solo (37’40”): Garangedon et solo (40’01”): Dununs (40’33”), Djembé 1 and 2 (42’19”), solo original (43’46”), Garangedon ensemble (45’30”), Garangedon solo (47’06”); Mendiani solo (49’20”): solo original (49’47”), Mendiani solo (51’30”); Soli-rapide solo (52’55”): Solo original (53’24”), Soli-rapide solo (55’28”); Farewell (at 57’06”) — thanks to Percussionworld for this more detailed track list.] — This video does not provide sub-titles.
[Mamady Keïta teaches Traditional Djembe Advanced Level (same source: Mamady Keïta’s and his heirs’ official Google Inc. YouTube channel). Content: Dunungbe (at 4’20”), Soliwoulen (10’40”), Tiriba (15’50”), Kalikambe (20’30”), N´goron (25’25”), Soko (31’40”), Koredjuga solo (36’30”) and Soboninkun (at 44’40”) — again thanks to Alejandro S. for providing a tracklist.] — Try to download the video’s subtitles here.

»We don’t just play the djembe to play a drum. We play the djembe to tell a story. Every rhythm has its story. It’s not enough to be technically good, but knowing the history of the rhythms you’re playing is very important. Where I come from, these stories are what we pass on from generation to generation. In the Manding tradition, we learn orally. We don’t write anything down. So we must memorize the rhythms and follow the way our Master teacher. A video can never replace a teacher. It is a tool to help students learn. It’s more of a key that helps students open the door to learning.«

(Mamady Keïta, ibid.)

We are thankful for this his advise and wisdom.


Welcome and thanks to new Percussion Students — first Announcement of Weekend Workshop in Autumn 2022 — new Pricing for the Bandcamp Sugé .mp3 re-release — two Videos from the Berlin Cultural Carneval 2007/2013 — weekly Sunday Courses for West-African Dance (Afrodance at the Leipzig Hupfeldcenter 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.)

THIS IN SHORT: We thank all new musical students and friends that joined Alpha Oulare’s Djembé lessons on this Saturday, August, the 20st, 2022, for the first time: what mighty sound yet, when playing together in group. Now about three female and four male drum students might hopefully attend the weekly two-hour lesson regularly — — yet having been announced, but not as yet concrete in time: this Autumn’s two-day weekend workshop later in the year… Students and all interested musicians shall receive the opportunity to learn and perform special own compositions by Alpha Oulare then. Might the event become sound-recorded?


CLICK BELOW TO CONNECT TO THE BANDCAMP PORTAL OF ALPHA OULARE. You will find the before entrance prices for the year 2000 Sugé Album now reduced to common standard. The opening track SUGÉ offered here for only 80 euro-cents. / Page description and colours have changed…


Two Google Inc. YouTube videos from the Berlin Carneval of Cultures / Karneval der Kulturen 1996ff. (2007 and 2013)

(2007 Berlin Carneval of Cultures with drum players from Guinea)
(Six years later, in 2013, again drummers from Guinea)

Alpha Oulare himself … participated at the cultural festival in before years as member of  La Fôret SacréeKonkobáSugé [links from Alpha’s newly updated Discographies profile] and as solo performer respective in free communion with other musicians and dancers, guests of the Carneval.


KONKOBA. By occasion another search at the SoundCloud music portal resulting in songs named Konkoba (embedding here at first Mamady Keïta, you should find also pieces by Tourmani Diabaté, Cissoko System and maybe more artists from West Africa and beyond):



»Liebe Freunde der afrikanischen Musik!!! Wir starten wieder durch und hoffen, ihr habt genauso viel Lust wie wir!!! Unter Beachtung der aktuellen Coronaregelungen können wir wieder unterrichten. Folgende Kurse bieten wir für euch an:

»Djembe für Erwachsene: Samstag 16–18 Uhr

»Afrotanz : Sonntag 15–17 Uhr

»NEU!!!! Djembe für Kinder: Sonntag 14–15 Uhr (ab 4 Jahre)

»Weitere Termine und Gruppen auf Anfrage!

»Ort: Ludwig-Hupfeldstr.16 / Leipzig

»Wer kann kommen? Alle die Spaß an westafrikanischen Rhythmen haben, diese gern erlernen möchten, sich auspowern oder einfach Freude am Musizieren verspüren möchten! Es ist für jeden was dabei: schaut vorbei und probiert es aus – wir freuen uns auf euch!« (Facebook, Mai 2021)


Konkobá (Berlin 1998 until 2006)

Alpha Oulare remembers KONKOBÁ Berlin 1998–2006 Iko Iko (beware of this song: a:world b:club c:radio). — Petit maole / M’Bo / Kola muna / Wata Pipi — Concentrate on SUGÉ then Alakhawonmal, DIEU sera avec nous!! G O D will help us!!

Beware of this song:

(Releases of the mere trival and disappointing Iko Iko version from 1998)

Iko Iko originals, here first presented instead of later cover versions / interpretations of rather different approaches:

Please allow Dr. John: Iko Iko (Dr. John’s Gumbo, 1971) as side-reference here, before:
(The Dixie Cups: Iko Iko, circa 1964)
(Natasha England: Iko Iko, 1982)
(Natasha England: Iko Iko. Logan’s Alternative Vocal Club Mix, 2021) — to end here…


Public notification: Searching affordable recording computer equipment (August 2022)



»Anzeige an Musiker*innen und Förderer der Musiker
Suchen: Laptop für Musiker, möglichst mit Audio-Interface

Gesucht wird dringend ein lauffähiger, halbwegs moderner Laptop, möglichst mit Audio-Interface (FireWire möglich? mindestens zwei XLR-Anschlüsse) für einen Musiker im Bereich der World Music, der benötigte Demo-Aufzeichnungen für neue CD-Veröffentlichungen sowie Aufnahmen innerhalb seines Musikunterrichts tätigen muss. Leider sind die Beitragskosten für seinen derzeitigen freundlichen Probe- und Studioraum immens gestiegen und sein hauptberufliches Einkommen recht niedrig, die Anschaffung von neuer Hardware deshalb eine große Hürde. Wer kann und möchte helfen? Wir übernehmen im Falle eines Versandes die Versandkosten nach Leipzig und einen kleinen symbolischen Kaufbetrag. Bitte helft uns in diesem! Nähere Kontaktangaben stellen wir incl. Verweis auf die Artist Homepage auf Anfrage hin. Vielen herzlichen Dank!


Notification to musicians and sponsors of musicians
Searching: a Laptop for musicians, possible with audio interface

A working, reasonably modern laptop is urgently needed, if possible with an audio interface (FireWire possible? at least two XLR connections) for a musician in the field of world music who needs to make demo recordings for new CD releases as well as recordings within his public music workshops. Unfortunately, the contribution costs for his current friendly rehearsal and studio space have increased immensely and his full-time income is quite low, making the purchase of new hardware a major hurdle. Who can and wants to help? In the event of shipping, we will cover the shipping costs to Leipzig and a small symbolic purchase amount. Please help us in this! We will provide further contact details including a reference to the artist homepage on request. Many many thanks!


Notification aux musiciens et sponsors de musiciens
Recherche : Ordinateur portable pour musiciens, possible avec interface audio

Un ordinateur portable fonctionnel et raisonnablement moderne est nécessaire de toute urgence, si possible avec une interface audio (FireWire possible? au moins deux connexions XLR) pour un musicien dans le domaine de la musique du monde qui a besoin de faire des enregistrements de démonstration pour de nouvelles sorties de CD ainsi que des enregistrements dans ses ateliers publics de musique. Malheureusement, les coûts de contribution pour son espace de répétition et de studio amical actuel ont énormément augmenté et son revenu à temps plein est assez faible, ce qui fait de l’achat de nouveau matériel un obstacle majeur. Qui peut et veut aider? En cas d’expédition, nous couvrirons les frais d’expédition à Leipzig et un petit montant d’achat symbolique. S’il vous plaît aidez-nous en cela! Nous vous fournirons d’autres coordonnées, y compris une référence à la page d’accueil de l’artiste sur demande. Merci beaucoup!«


»Postscriptum: Die/der Spenderin/Verkäuferin kann in Danksagungen ausgewiesen werden auf Wunsch hin. Es ist kein Betrug oder wirtschaftlicher Handel mit dem zu erwerbenden Gerät geplant. Vielen Dank für Eure Unterstützung!« Wäre auch ein Instrumenten-Tausch denkbar?

Alpha Oulare at the 4th international Inter- and Sociocultural Africa Festival 1000 Drums on July 30th/31st, 2022, in Leipzig

THIS IN SHORT (video and images shall follow within the next days; the concerts themselves have been video- and soundrecorded professionally during this last weekend of July): Alpha Oulare accompanied Rama N’Goni and the ensemble Lanaya, the Sam & Reggaemandingband (with them, for the song »Minion Bah«, Korafola Jalikebba Kuyateh), gave demonstrations on the Djembé drum in the workshop area on July 30th; on July 31st he gave a concert with the Rootsmanding Ensemble and finally introduced into the Free Interactive Community Concert of the 1000 Drums. What an effort this year—the festival organizer YILP International association is very thankful against him, recognizing the final festival as successful. (Please visit this post once again to find updates!)

During first soundchecks on Saturday noon, July 30th, 2022, at the Tank Bar No. 1, Leipzig. More guests appeared later… — More photographs will follow soon.


[ We feel sorry for the external adverts below: ]

Alpha Oulare & Sugé (Berlin 2000ff.)

Here you can listen to the time-less work by Alpha Oulare and his year-2000 Ensemble Sugé : Alakhawonmaly!! DIEU sera avec nous!! GOD will help us!! —You still may purchase the album, best as digital copies of the original (!) tracks from BandCamp, by this supporting the artist and his family.

(This exclusive mix contains by intention an odd reverberation/echo effect — therefore, instead, you should consider to purchase the original tracks / whole album at fair price via BandCamp!) If the track should not be playable, we are to suppose missing Internet connectivity or a server/network problem at sides of the Internet Archive, U.S. California.
(Cover of the 2022 digital album re-release)

You will find a transcription of the album booklet’s liner notes at the referenced external webpages…


Alpha Oulare & Rootsmanding

Alpha Oulare is also, together with ensemble founder Sam Jarju (kora, voice) and Diehi Tanguy Franck (percussions), member and current master djembé player and choir singer of the West-African ensemble Rootsmanding, that had been founded in Dresden in 2004 (then still without Alpha and Frankie), meanwhile based at Leipzig / Germany (residence of all three musicians)

»The Rootsmanding drum, dance and song group are five to eight artists from Africa. Their musical roots lie in playing the traditional rhythms and melodies of West Africa. The most important instrument of the group is the kora (African harp lute), accompanied by drums and dance.« (Ensemble leader Sam Jarju.)

Following just three videos / excerpts from Rootsmanding performances in town, the Hint to an unkown album and, more to expect, current tour and concert dates:

(Thanks to Mrs. Claudia Kästner.)

(Still available, seldom found rare debut by Rootsmanding. New albums have been recorded yet, offers from musical publishers are welcome to the Roots- and Reggae Manding founder and producer Mister Sam Jarju.)

(This Summer’s agenda… Rootsmanding attending concerts at several Africa festivals in german towns.)


About the Africa Festival 1000 Drums Leipzig 2019ff.

The international Inter- and Sociocultural Africa Festival 1000 DRUMS at Leipzig, annual entrance-costfree event, includes the Interactive Community Concert of the 1000 Drums all guest may bring own instruments to. Alpha Oulare usually introduces the players.

What is this new European-African annual free festival project all about?

The Festival startet in 2019 and is supported by the Leipzig cultural office, annually to be held as inter- and sociocultural project. Please support the festival staff of the YILP International association in this!

Digital music conservation from the 1st festival 2019:

You can find the entire recordings from 2019, at the Cultural Factory Leipzig WERK 2, here at the Festival’s public website 1000drums.yilp.de. Listen there-in!


Futuristic Interactive Community Concert 2019 as a later Sound Collage – open for experiments ?

Impressions from the first Festival in 2019 as sound collage:

or so:


2020 festival sound recordings Germany / The Gambia:

[Audio Feature from the Gambian side festival parts:  Mr. Aziz Kuyateh — Mr. Lamin Cham (Champion Sound) — Mr. Bala Ranks — Mr. Rebellion The Recaller (here missing in mix?) — Poco Loco Beach announcement 1 — The African Cultural Band, part 1 — Interview with Mr. Mohamet — The African Cultural Band, part 2 — Poco Loco Beach announcement 2 — Happy Beach Bar: The Taranga Cultural Group with Mborodis and Simba Group, part 1 — Poco Loco Beach Bar: The Taranga Cultural Group with Mborodis and Simba Group, part 2 — The Juffureh Band of Sukuta in The Gambia — Interview with Mr. Kemo — Interview with Mr. Haruna — Interview with Mr. Taylor — Interview with Mr. Ebrima — Poco Loco Beach Bar announcement 3 — The Juffureh Band of Sukuta in The Gambia (73’24“).]
(Recordings from the german side, part 1)
(Recordings from the german side, part 2)

[»We thank the Internet Archive for preserving here a few recordings from our 2020 Intercultural Africa Festival 1000 Drums: a) as concert bootleg recordings from Leipzig/Germany the African music ensembles LANAYA (followed by short DJ intermission), then WONTANARÁ & madamtamtam* (all in first track) and NDUNGU KINA (second track)«.]

2021 international french friends and festival guests Kokobasai

(Audio-Feature for the local Radio Blue)

This an audio-feature having been broadcasted by Radio Blau in advance of the festival. The band are friends of and have been invited by Alpha Oulare himself.

All sound recordings from this festival got lost/deleted/over-written due to technical/logistical mishappening.

2022 international festival recordings — audio/video in process work (look after later!)


Personal Requests

Who is willing to support Alpha Oulare in this:

FROM 80 EURO-CENTS ON: Please support the artist and Djembefolá by purchasing his Music as a digital copy from the provider BandCamp. You can also freely choose the amount of your recognition up there…

He is also THANKFUL for providing music/recording equipment (multitrack recorders, field recorders, instrument and vocal microphones, converters, effects and much more) for his music, extensive albums with new compositions that are to be recorded soon … (Calls, also for performances by his ensemble, musical trips to Guinea as a drum and dance course in February / Autumn 2023, interviews, sound and video recordings, photography, advice, construction and sale of West African musical instruments, editing … to his cellphone / WhatsApp are during the day possible and even desirable.)

OVERALL please notify that this (!) to be a public request for help and collaboration, administrative and aid and knowledge transfer, so by NGOs, religious / humanitarian communities in world – positive, peaceful exchange.

[Google Inc. Translate? / Übersetzen? ]


E-Mail-Telegram to Mister Alpha Oulare in these affairs

(This message will be submitted to the WordPress system and connected E-Mail accounts and should find an answer if a personal writing on the subject.)


Social-media Facebook connectivity

Here some photographs from Alpha Oulare’s social-media Facebook profile No. 2* (more than 360 friends connected there) which you are free to join as personal follower and friend:

* Note: Another first social-media Facebook profile, No. 1, for Alpha Oulare exists too (with more than 3200 connected friends) — for technical reasons it is complicate too merge them into one.

Hackers, Sabotagists, Stalkers and other Bad Persons are to stay far from both!



›The Djembé will make you suffer, but it can show you the way to obtain knowledge of nature… To learn the Djembé I suffered a lot, but today I thank GOD, because of the Djembé I am well known in Africa and Europe.‹

›You have to always play the Djembé to get a new spirit.‹

›When I am asleep, the Djembé is in my dreams, Djembé playing then is in my blood, I will keep on playing until the end of my life.‹

Alpha Oulare


ROOTSMANDING did not (!) perform at the Rudolstadt Festival in 2022 due to difficulties; review on African-music artists there

»Sie hat das nicht verdient, die westafrikanische Bechertrommel Djembe, die bei uns zu einem allüberall zu hörenden Esoterik-Instrument verkommen ist. Zuhause begleitet sie Tanzmusik ebenso wie Die Jalis, die zu Koraklängen ihre alten und aktuellen Geschichten erzählen. Daran knüpft Djembéfola Alpha Oularé aus Guinea mit seinem Ensemble an.« (She didn’t deserve it, the West African goblet drum Djembe, which has degenerated into an esoteric instrument that we can hear everywhere. At home she accompanies dance music as well as The Jalis, who tell their old and current stories to the sound of kora. Djembéfola Alpha Oularé from Guinea builds on this with his ensemble — this year’s Rudolstadt announcement for the ensemble is not a citation by Mrs. Claudia Kästner as stated at the festival website.)

As well the intended line-up »Alpha Oularé, Mohammed Sylla [!], Ocas Sylla [!], djembe, voc; Sam Jarju, kora, voc; Diehi Tanguy Franck, dundun, voc; [then apart:] Mario Wiedemann, sangban« could not attend the festivities due to logistical, personal and financial problems during the preparations; a travel and stay to/at Rudolstadt could not be realized. The ensemble, beside, had been enlisted only as part of the Street Music festival and, we must admit, not been considered as payed artists in this year’s festival program. Artists and audience regret, after year-long participation, not to have been able to meet each other; Alpha Oulare is very sorry about that and feels his reputation at Rudolstadt to have received damage.

Anyhow, here a list of this year’s other Africa-music performers at Rudolstadt for your review, they’re only three representatives:

Groupe RTD, Mélissa Laveaux and Ezé Wendtoin: beside the absent Rootsmanding the only other African musical artists at Rudolstadt in 2022 — could there be more next year?

Groupe RTD (Ensemble from Djibouti) — The Dancing Devils from Djibouti,

Mélissa Laveaux (Singer, Songwriter from Canada / Haiti) — official Google Inc. YouTube channel.

Ezé Wendtoin (Singer, Songwriter from Burkina Faso / Germany) — official Google Inc. YouTube channel.

Wonder how, that has been all, nothing more! We feel for this, that ROOTSMANDING seriously have been missing, looking forward to next year’s accreditation, respectfully, under ordinary conditions.

You can phone-call Mister Alpha Oulare on this…


ROOTSMANDING at the Africa Festival in Ingolstadt / Bavaria, June 24th, 2022

INGOLSTADT / BAVARIA. On June 24th Alpha Oulare and the Rootsmanding ensemble attended once again a public concert performance at the Bavarian Africa Festival at Ingolstadt, this time accompanied by a performance of the African Acrobats. Here some photographs from that day:

The West-African Ensemble Rootsmanding are in core: Alpha Oulare – Diehi Tanguy Franck – Sam Jarju, here in Ingolstadt, June 2022
( From the Ingolstadt Festival website )

Other Impressions from the 2022 Ingolstadt Africa Festival … It had been rather cold this year…


Next german Africa Festival concerts of the Rootsmanding ensemble:

RUDOLSTADT / THURINGIA. On two days the Rootsmanding ensemble will grant public performances at the famous Rudolstadt Roots, Folk and Worldmusic Festival (July, 9th and 10th, 2022, in the evening hours). We thank Mrs. Claudia Kästner for her sympathy, support and concrete help.

( From the Rudolstadt Festival website )

Postscriptum: Alpha Oulare and the Ensemble Rootsmanding finally did not perform at Rudolstadt in this year 2022 — read here for more explanations and a review of else participating African musicians.

LEIPZIG / WEST SAXONY. We use the opportunity to advert also for the two-day International Inter- and Sociocultural Africa Festival 1000 DRUMS at Leipzig, on July 30th and 31st, 2022. Alpha Oulare will be present on both days, performing with the Rootsmanding ensemble and directing / introducing into the Free Interactive Community Concert of the 1000 Drums jam session all guest are invited to bring own instruments with them for. This festival had been established in 2019 and is supported by the Cultural Office of the City of Leipzig.

(German-Language information from the YILP International Festival staff — click onto text to read the festival website blog 1000 Drums)


DJEMBÉ — Wikipedia article on the West-African Musical Instrument

We advise to consult the Internet Encyclopedia Wikipedia to introduce into the musical instrument Djembé at first, several other literature exists on West-African Percussion Musical Arts and Culture…

Screenshot from the English Wikipedia entry for Djembé (6-27-2022)

(Origin – Recent history (National ballets, Emigration, Film, Western music, Recordings, Educational material, Tourism, Commercially produced instruments, Women djembefolas) – Sound and beating technique – Role in the traditional ensemble – Construction (Shell, Skin, Rope, Mounting system (Traditional mounting, Modern mounting)) – Tuning – Decoration – Study – Notable djembefolas – Selected recordings – See also – References – Further reading – External links) Traduire automatiquement!


DJEMBÉFOLA — Two enlightening documentary films on the Master Djembe artist Mister Mamady Keïta (Rest in Peace!) by Monsieur Laurent Chevalier: »Djembefola« (1991) and »Mögöbalu« (1998)

Without further annotations, but referring to international review and critics, we allow us here to include the truely enlightening documentary films by M. Laurent Chevalier »Djembefola« (1991) and »Mögöbalu« (1998) on the Guinean Master Drummer legend Mister Mamady Keïta (August 1950 – June 21st, 2021) — May he rest in Peace! In fact Alpha Oulare used to be student of Mamady Keita in his youth. We hope to be able by this reference to provoke deeper interest and understanding of these West-African Musical Arts and Culture as well as thanking Alpha Oulare’s former teacher Mister Mamady Keïta (The King).

FRENCH MUSIC DOCUMENTARY (translated subtitles available)

»I left my village Balandugu when I was 12 years old and returned after 26 years. This documentary was filmed when I make the trip back to Balandugu. I am sharinging it now with the world in hope that this inspires you and gives you the strength you need to continue your passion in this life.« (From the official Google Inc. YouTube channel of Mamady Keïta and heirs — might he be remembered for long times…)

MUSIC ALBUM: One by him is Mamady Keïta & Sewa Kan: Hakili (2011, BandCamp-distributed):

»To celebrate 50 years of his musical year, master percussionist Mamady Keïta embarked on a European tour with an expanded line-up his group Sewa Kan, adding balafon, kora and saxophone to the percussive core. The group played to tens of thousands across nine countries during summer 2009 and this CD and DVD provide an outstanding souvenir. The title Hakili, meaning good spirit, proves apt. Mamady’s career started when he was chosen, aged just 14, to join the newly formed National Ballet of Guinea — the major state-sponsored cultural troupe in the country. He went on to become Artistic Director and stayed with the Ballet for 20 years. He then moved to Belgium and formed Sewa Kan shortly after. His time is now spent teaching and playing from his new base in the USA. He has released nine albums with his group and several instructional DVDs. The CD (70 mins) was recorded during the tour; the DVD (100 mins) at the Jazz Sous Les Pommiers festival in France.

Musicians :
– MAMADY KEÏTA : djembe solo, djembe bass, vocals & band leader
– BABARA BANGOURA : djembe, backing vocals
– SOULEYMANE “COBRA” CAMARA : djembe, kenkeni & kora
– BABA TOURE : djembe, calabash, gongoma
– MONETTE KEÏTA : kenkeni, djembe
– CECE KOLY : sangban
– MAMA ADAMA CAMARA : dance & backing vocals
– BEBEY YOULA : dance & lead vocals
– KANDET DIOUBATE : dance & lead vocals
– PRINCE DIABATE : kora & vocals
– MANU HERMIA : flute & saxophone

(Annotation from the Discographies service, there more releases enlisted — please support the Artists!)


Djembe comparison (visual from pictures)

PRODUCT COMPARISON: Find here a list of eBay search results (that is were many searches of vendors and private sellers start) for the search term “Djembe” (drums) to be precise in example, as comparison against the original West-African drums from first-hand professional African manufacturers offered here at this website by Alpha Oulare! … We suppose that you will find by this reasons enough better to contact and rely to Mister Alpha Oulare when searching for an authentical, new, good sounding individual musical instrument from West Africa that is in good condition and can be maintained, repaired, extended by the seller and his professional partners, that are all African musicians.






These are the Tools of Trade for authentical master-class West-African Percusssion Music. All customers shall be satisfied.

Back to the offers

Offer: West-African Musical Instruments as Tools of Trade — you can contact Mister Alpha Oulare to purchase these quality items manufactured by African musicians!

Übersetzen in deutsche Sprache · ou Traduire en Français ?

MERCATORY OFFER: These are photographs from the Rehearsal and Workshop rooms of Alpha Oulare and his musical colleagues at the Hupfeld Center area in Leipzig (district Leipzig / Böhlitz-Ehrenberg, D-04157, Ludwig-Hupfeld-Straße 16, building entrance C; the building complex is guarded by security corporations), no concrete online shop… If certain instruments awake your interest, if you have been searching for the approbiate musical device for long and to find here, if you wish musical demonstrations, need help on repair and further modifications as tuning and enhancement / decoration you can contact Alpha Oulare directly to make an appointment into a concrete meeting at this place… Have a look into this living collection (technical note: images might possibly load slowly here at first if not having been cached yet):

A few more images shall follow. The Balafon, so it is said by musical West-African legends, has not been invented / first-made by Man himself, it is of supernatural origin… Underneath its wooden and tuned sound bars lay resonating jugs of clay each to create this fascinating rich sounds. A short audio sample recording of Alpha playing the balafon next:

(Note: Alpha Oulare is demonstrating the African Balafon in free improvisation. He points out not to be a very skillful player himself (yet), rather still student at this particular instrument. It’s a life-long learning. You hear a plain cellphone recording with added reverbation/hall effect, sounding as if from far away…)
During his Percussion Workshops Alpha Oulare mostly plays the Djembé drum with his students, partly also Doundoun and Sangba, Tinkening. (All photographs having been taken on Saturday, June 25th, 2022, in place.)

Contact Mister Alpha Oulare to test-play and and purchase these original, traditioally manufactured West-African musical instruments, each item is unique and sounds authentically good:

You can call Alpha Oulare also directly so in this issue. Click here to dial his number!

LAST NOT LEAST WORD ON PRICES: Prices. These are fair and not too expensive, no amoral profit shall be made, but the African manufacturers and importing trading/messaging helpers find their acknowledgement. We regard it to be a better solution to obtain and purchase these instruments from first hand other than as from musical stores and major Internet distributors, cheapest used defect items of unkown origin, or non-african forgeries and replicas, or so-called special editions of drums at over-sized pricing… You will always also find help and advise in/on maintaining the instrument healthy and in good sounding shape, loving it as musical friend and partner.

Alpha Oulare on the phone. He is always friendly, and kind to all customers and musical students.


Useful hints and disclaimer


This Website is still under construction, details of content might change or become added / corrected in future — please visit us therefore again!

TECHNIQUE: This website is realized by help of costless WordPress service, and intended to last stable in their accessibility, appearance and messages to readers, viewers and listeners in all world. It has been composed on a personal-computer device with large display resolution. Embedded elements as Video, Audio or extensive Graphic files might take a longer time to load and prepare, depending on the computer calculation speed and circumstances.



The first public announcement and invitation for 2023 dated back March 24th, 2022

It currently appears, as if the announced Music Workshop Journey to Guinea Conakry / Isle of Roume could take place a few months later that year 2023, in Autumn. Updates of the invitation will follow…


June 25th, 2022, afternoon at the Hupfeld Center Rehearsal and Workshop Room

NOT UNIMPORTANT : Musical instruments as Djembé drums, D(o)und(o)uns of several sizes up to the great-sounding Balafon, more, Shakers and string instruments as Kora, N’Goni and Bolong, each with supply can be test-played at and purchased from Alpha Oulare(‘s) as well — you will find detailed catalog images and information on pricing for instruments handcrafted by African musicians here in soon future… POST SCRIPTUM: Meanwhile these statements have been added to this website, in first revision. Look here, please also forward as link: tinyurl.com/aotrade. We thank you!


ALWAYS IMPORTANT AND TO CONSIDER : REALIZE : Support of Development Aid for Guinea are another concern of Mister Alpha Oulare. Contact him directly to find understanding of his ideas on international economic exchange, so in textile industry to establish manufacturing in country, entrepreneurship in this strengthening the Guinean social system and young adults and families in need.

Sewing technologies and more for textiles and clothing for Guinean collaboratives and entrepreneurs, skill training and human-sustainable-fair production? Container shipping to Guinea Conakry – administrative financial support, logistics, trade goods, technology and wares? Know how? — More on all of this here soon…


June 25th, 2022, afternoon at the Hupfeld Center Rehearsal and Workshop Room

These eight of currently 16 Djembé drums sound authentical and good! Many more and more different musical instruments from West-Africa are offered; they can be ordered, manufactured, modified or repaired, tuned by experienced African musicians at fair prices — ask for details and costs! Interested persons are invited to try out instruments in place.


More, further notes on the website completition shall follow here in future… Please visit these pages again! We thank you for your interest and kind consideration, any support. Be blessed!


Invitation to Guinea Conakry / Isle of Roume : Workshop Journey in February 2023 (!) [or in later Autumn]

PREFACED: Maybe this Invitation will apply for the later months of the year 2023, which is not yet concrete at all, but the outline and journey content should be found to be similar in both cases — read on:

[Public announcement and invitation by Djembéfola Mr. Alpha Oulare]


Winter holiday workshop in February 2023

2-week drum and dance course from February 5th to 19th, 2023[1]

Let yourself be carried away into the wonderful culture of Guinea! Together with us you will discover its breathtaking variety of colours, smells and sounds — very close to the pulse of nature and the local people.


DRUM LESSONS. In drum lessons we practice traditional rhythms and percussion techniques on the Djembé, one of the most expressive drums in Africa. In addition, the interaction of the whole group is trained. The three masters of the drum (Djembéfola) Mr. Gillbert, the course instructor, accompanied by Mr. Alpha Oulare and Mr. Mamadie Camara, go into each level individually. The drums are provided.

DANCING LESSONS. Accompanied by the aforementioned drummers, the dance lessons take place with the two professional dance teachers Ms. Marama Konti and Ms. Kadiatou Zuma. For a long time, both were dancers with the national ballet «Kounkuré Bamba» in Conakry, where they currently live and teach several dance groups. Their wealth of experience enables them to handle different levels of dance equally.

THREE MEALS A DAY. Our cook Ms. Fatime will entertain us with her culinary art. As a snack, fruit, snacks and table water are freely available for all travelers. You have to organize muesli or special foods yourself.

OVERNIGHT STAY. 2-bed rooms with simple furnishings, beds with mosquito nets are provided. On the Île de Roume we stay in bamboo huts directly at the sea.

WHAT AWAITS YOU on our trip to Guinea:

  • Airport transfer (arrival and departure as a whole group),
  • traditional accommodation (no mass tourism),
  • 3× daily culinary delicacies of the Guinean cuisine,
  • two-week drum and dance course and
  • optional excursions, cultural events, festivals and much more

TRAVEL PRICE for the two-week stay:

  • all inclusive with dance and drumming course 950 €,
  • only with dance course 785 €,
  • only with drumming courses 785 €

(simple extension week possible by arrangement).


Saturday, February 4th, 2023, arrival at Conakry/Guinea airport, transfer as a group[2] to the town of Coyah[3].

Sunday, February 5th, 2023, free day to arrive and relax.

Monday, February 6, 2023 to Friday, February 10, 2023, daily lessons in traditional dance and drumming, in Coyah.

Saturday, February 11, 2023, moving by boat to the Île de Roume, one hour before Conakry. Free time for long walks into the interior of the small island and along the sea, visit to the village with insights into the everyday life of the people, for example fishing. Spontaneous excursions around the island or a rest day in a hammock — all this and much more is possible.

From Monday 13.2.2023, daily lessons in traditional dance and drumming on the island of Roume, outside by the sea.

Saturday and Sunday, February 18/19, 2023, return journey.

Guinea Conakry region, Los Islands and the Isle of Roume (Sources Twitter.com and Mindat.org)


[1] Variable arrival and departure times are possible.

[2] Arrangements among the travelers as a group regarding the transfer are possible.

[3] The drive from Conakrys Airport to Coyah takes approximately 1½ hours. The journey from Coyah to Roume Island takes approximately 2 hours by car to the port and then another 1 hour by boat to the island.

Dance lessons Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 11:00 and 17:00 to 18:00, drum lessons Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 15:00.

You have to organize the flight yourself. There are various airlines that fly to Conakry: Airfrance (you can take a lot of luggage here) or, for example, Air Morocco.

A visa must be ordered at the Guinean Embassy in Berlin.

Vaccination card is mandatory (vaccination against yellow fever and/or prophylactic treatment against malaria).

For those who have the desire and the time, there is an opportunity to arrive earlier and also to stay there longer. The holiday can be extended up to 3 months, for this it is necessary to contact the organizer Mr. Alpha Oulare (additional costs about 150 € per week for room and board).


Please contact Mr. Alpha Oulare, Leipzig/Conakry, by e-mail: alpha.oulare@hotmail.de, or mobile phone / Whatsapp (+49) (0)178 56 34 016, or via social media Facebook: tinyurl.com/alphaoulare, also for contracts with the percussion and vocal ensemble Sugé.

[© Mr. Alpha Oulare, Leipzig / Federal Republic of Germany, Guinea-Conakry, March 24, 2022]

HELPFUL : Further external ressources



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